Comprehensive vs collision insurance coverage- what are the differences?

If you are anything like most people, you never bothered much with insurance payments before you started driving. Now that you have a vehicle of your won, it is time to start learning the basics of car insurance because you need it before you settle on an auto insurance provider.

In order to drive in most states and most parts of the world, you need to purchase the basic auto insurance. The coverage options can be overwhelming for newbies and this is where most insurance providers take advantage. Most will sell you coverages that you do not truly need while you are on the road only to make a profit.

Comprehensive and Collison insurance both cover physical damage after an accident, and this can be very confusing for first time drivers.

Comprehensive insurance coverage

Regardless of what type of vehicle you drive, you can get into an accident. You are vulnerable to all types if damages and losses both to other people and yourself as long as you are driving on public roads. If you are not that concerned about accidents, think about the damage some weather conditions could cause to your vehicle.

Animals and vandalism are also acts that could lead to the ruin of your vehicle. Here is where comprehensive coverage comes in. it is an all-round insurance option that helps protect you against any physical damage that is caused by all other things except for Collison.

here are the basics of comprehensive insurance coverage

  • it covers the contact with any animal with your vehicle
  • repairs f glass damages including the cracks and windshield
  • provides you with protection against the storm, flood and hail
  • offered at a reasonable price coverage and comes with a low deductible
  • you can use it in combination with any other vehicles
  • used for repairing damages to your car by vandals

collision coverage

this is the most important coverage you need to have when driving. The Collison coverage protects your vehicle against any form of physical damage. Some of the most common road accidents involve vehicle collisions. Anything could happen while you are on the rod, leading you to lose control and hi someone else.

Vehicle collisions form some of the biggest damages on the road. You could hit a house, tree, statue and people. Paying a higher deductible on any insurance type will lower your monthly payments and the best way to pay for the insurance coverage.

Here is what to know about collision coverage;

  • You can only purchase the Collison coverage when combines with comprehensive and liability coverages
  • Collison will repair damage only when there has been a head on or reverse collision between vehicles
  • It also covered damages to your vehicle when you slide into an object or hit ice
  • This coverage can be very expensive

Final word

For some people, the best auto coverages are the most affordable ones while others look at the package to determine what type of coverage matters. The only way to protect yourself on the road fully andreduce potential high cost for accidents is to get both Collison and comprehensive coverages.